Design services from our company

"FORMBAR" LLC offers its customers a whole range of design services, ranging from the establishment of the new brand and to make changes in the existing design layout. We will always help you find the most optimal solution, which is capable to realize and satisfy fully and accurately the wishes of the customer and we will develop a truly original and unique design of the product.

Technical support of your project

This type of services includes consultations on the phone, visit of our specialists to the customers for carry out rearranging works to optimize the process of corking cans, adjustment rolling devices, etc.

We are ready to provide all necessary drawings for patrons and pressure rollers for consumers of Easy Open End and partly opened End, also, as customer wishes, we can make an equipment for a particular type of product. These measures can reduce the number of defects after seaming and ensure the best impermeability of a product.

Transport-forwarding services

Delivery of products is carried out on the request of the customer by any type of the selected transport (railway, automobile transport, Marine transport, air transportation, Express delivery of samples).

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